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Why do some men get pleasure from anal sex and others don't?
I just don't get it. For me it hurts and I get no pleasure out of it.
Anal sex is not compulsory - many do not like it P&P :-)
Is it normal for men to enjoy this?
Okay, I've been married for 7 years now and with him for almost 10. He is still very attracted to me, because he shows it all day everyday! He is always wanting to touch and kiss on me. Says he loves me non-stop and that i'm pretty. The only thing I am worried about is this certain kind of pleasure he likes every now and then in the bedroom. We have a pretty active sex life...3 times a week or so. He would want more if I would...just tired basically, not uninterested. Anyway, he likes anal pleasure. He bought me a dildo a few years ago as a gag gift for my birthday. A while after, i joked about using it on him and he let me. I didn't think he would say yes, it was a JOKE.LOL. Anyway, ever since then, he has asked for it and it just makes me feel weird when doing it, or even watching him do it when i say no.
Is this a normal pleasure for men, or is he bi-sexual?
while most men will not admit it, lots of them fantasize on having their gf/wife do them anally. there are many very pleasurable feelings raised when someone plays with a man's anus. but we aren't supposed to do that or we're "any one of a few nasty names". many "straight" guys regularly have their prostates stimulated. now they may not admit it, but it is not an odd occurrence. so while it is a "normal" pleasure for many men, you would have to ask your husband if he is bi or bi curious. no one on here can answer that for you although many will say that he is either that or gay. so...if he enjoys it, keep him happy and don't think it is weird. it is normal but hush hush.
Do women absolutely love anal sex or is just a men's fantasy?
I 've had many girlfriends some wanted anal sex some not, I could never tell if women do it for the guys pleasure or they absolutely love it. what's the truth about this ladies?
They only do it for guy's pleasure. Only few love it.
Am i normal? (Anal Pleasure)?
Hi i'm 18, and for the past few years while masturbating i have experimented with a bit of anal masturbation and quite liked it, i made a bit of a mess as it made me ejaculate quite a way? I have sometimes even masturbated to gay porn but when watching i always skip through the B.J scenes in any kind of porn as they just bore me. Now I absolutely love women and dont really find myself being attracted to guys, i mean i could spend a whole day in between a girls legs :). So while later on in life i would maybe want to try a bit of anal possibly with a man im all for the try everything once persuasion, (id prefer to have a girl do it though) but i dont really see myself as being gay as like i said i love the girls to much! But i was just wandering if any girls out there have any experience with guys who like anal?

And is it common? and if a guy asked you to do it to them would you? any homophobic questions will be deleted so dont bother!
Yes it's completely normal. Most guys are not willing to admit it b/c they are embarrassed. Some guys like it for the same reason some women like it. It has to do with where the muscles are located in your body as to where you get certain pleasure from. Just because you watch gay porn doesn't mean you are gay. Some guys even buy toys for this. Straight men included.
Ladies, pleasure?
Ladies, how far would you take asking for certain pleasure, even if you knew your partner weren't really into what you as of him? How far would you be willing to go for you partner if he asked you to do something you weren't into? Even it were only one time of asking, or for special occasions, maybe it's an oral act you/your partner wants, or a sexual act.
Men, same question to.
Where would either of you draw the line, some say it's the act of swallowing, some say anal, just how far would you go, and how much would you ask of your partner?
i will not be part of any type of bad pain or torture. a bit of light pain is ok
Are there straight guys that like anal pleasure?
disposable account here so i figured i'd ask the closeted questions.

One way or another, i found that i really like the pleasure of anal toys, and even at one point had buht secks with a guy (receiving, zero interest in giving) but that was a one time thing, and have never had any interest in males, as they are not attractive to me. Now a transvestite, that is an attractive person to me (when convincingly female) because my brain sees it as a female with a penis, not a guy with long hair and boobs.

So just where does this put me? Straight but just slightly bicurious? Nothing about men attracts me, in fact a woman with a strapon would be perfect for me!

Although i could see myself seriously dating a convincingly female transvestite in a manner no different than a normal girl.
i have met many straight guys in my area who want to keep it that way and have a wife or gf but love to receive anal once and awhile. they always refer to themselves a bi, so i would think that your bi
What does this mean??? Men can you explain this?
I saw this comment and was wondering exactly how does a woman go about doing that?

"Stimulate his anal orifice".....what does a woman do to DO THAT?
Does that feel good?
How many of you men find pleasure from that? Will you remember the one that did it to you, or will you just add that to your list of pleasures felt?

Just curious and of course, I'm always up for improving the sex life!
Tickling, rubbing, massaging, a vibrator, .. and then on to using your tongue if it is clean enough.
Think about what feels good to you and then proceed.

There are also books with tips to assist you.

I'm a male and unlike many I don't find anal play pleasurable, is there something wrong with my physiology?
I currently own a ********* vibrator, I bought it because I read that anal stimulation was really pleasurable in men, but I find no pleasure, just a feeling of discomfort. I'm wondering if I'm not feeling something which I'm supposed to feel or is it that is simply that anal play is not for me? I'm a straight young adult.
You need to find a fit young man to penetrate you - nothing better than the real thing P&P :-)
Why are some men shocked when they find out anal can be painful for a woman?
Seriously, I have had a conversation with my friend and she was saying that a few guys asked her does it hurt a woman to have anal. What kind of question is that? I'm not trying to be nasty or anything. But what makes men think that women will find pleasure in that? Aren't men the logical ones. Do you guys know how it feels to be constipated and take a crap? Does that feel good to you? Now, compare that to having something shoved in your behind? What makes you think that women feel like they are in heaven when they are participating in anal? I think porn gives you these ideas.
Oh sweety it goes way beyond feeling constipated! lol!

Those muscles that are there are made, built really, to contract in one way and one way only.
They're built to force things OUT - never to accept things in.
Nature knows what she's doing.
There's all sorts of ripping and tearing matter how "gentle" or slow they swear they will be.

Now, oddly, for a man at least there's the chance to receive some prostate stimulation with anal penetration. Women have no such thing.

Women who enjoy it are actually enjoying the discomfort, like hair pulling or butt smacking, as well as the psychological aspect of pleasing their partner in this "forbidden" way or in simply by way of giving their partner something they really really want.

That's all.
Is it normal for men to like Anal stimulation this much?
My better half is giving me less satisfication these days and wanting me to give him all the satisfaction. He wants me rub his anas with my fingers, etc. and to give him oral while doing it, etc. I think he would rather give me anal than vaginal sex as well but I haven't let him because it hurt too bad when he tried and quite honestly all this male anal stuff is freaking me out a bit. Is it just for his pleasure, is it that good? I feel like everything is better than my vangina because he seems to like oral better. Ok yes it sounds a bit like he just selfish too but what about all this anal? I guess it is no big deal but what do you think?
Why would a guy want to go through the closed back door when the front door is open? Be very afraid!

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