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How come light skinned asian women have brown nipples?
Ive seen many light skinned asian women with mildly brown, to dark brown nipples? is there any specific reason to this? or is this just something that happens? lol
i think it's something that happens.
I am 16, and of partial asian descent. My belly is covered in hair and my chest and nipples are getting there?
I was just wondering if this is normal for my age.
Every is different. Some boys get chest hair, some don't. Overall that makes you completely normal.
I have a female friend who is Asian and her nipples are almost black.?
and her skin tone is very dark. I think the color of her nipples are great. But she is ashamed of them and wants to try to bleach them a lighter color. I told her she is over reacting. What can I tell her to get this bleaching thought out of her mind. She is very beautiful
i'm asian and mine are just a little darker then my skin tone. its totally normal. because she is a darker tone she nipples have u be too. i didnt know u could bleach them lol
Do asians have purple nipples?
Someone told me their nipples are purple but I've never actually seen an asian nipple before.
yes, and their skin is blue
How can I make my nipples pink?
I overheard some guys at lunch talking about how dark nipples look like dirt. One guy said that's the reason why he wont go all the way with an Asian girl, their nipples give them bad breath.
I'm black, how can I make my nipples pink?
Ewwww lol why the HELL would you want pink nipples lol lol lol

XOXO Victoria
Why do some guys have bigger nipples than others?
Because of genetics or diet or whatever?

How can I make my nipples bigger? I am 23, male, Caucasian. My Asian wife always wants me to make them bigger.She keeps nagging me. What should I do?
Because of their genes,
You cannot make them bigger or start using estrogen:then you get real breasts.
Is this normal Asian friends have questions?
I hang around with a lot of Asian girls and well there always complaining about there boobs being smaller than mine (Im Mexican i wear B or C depending on the material of the bra) Most of them wear A's. Today two of my friends started explaining to me how wierd there boobs are, They said that they barley have ummm any nipples and i was kinda shocked there 16 and they want to know if there is something wrong or if it is cause they grow slower what could it be?
most asians are 'flat' . fortunately, for me, i'm a B :)
Is it true that Asians have red nipples?
I heard that they do!
I'm asian, and i have blue nipples!! JUST KIDDING. It's just not red -,-

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