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Black & White?
What are your thoughts on a black & white wedding?

Do you think black makes the event "goth"?

If you were doing it, would you want all of your guests to wear black and white also? Or just the wedding party?

Someone has suggested that the mother of the bride wear red...what do you think about that?
its YOUR wedding - have whatever colour scheme you want.
the idea that black is just for funerals i long gone- in some cultures White is the colour for mourning;
my sister was MOH recently where the bridal party were all in black with white flowers & accents; I also saw pictures of a wedding in a bridal magazine where the bridesmaids were in black & white outfits - each one different to match the personality of the lady- looked FANTASTIC.
RE:- asking guests to wear those colours - put on your invites that you are having a *themed event* & ""INVITE"" the guests to see how creative they can be using those colours & if it is NOT meant to be a formal affair stress that fact also.
maybe word the invitations like a letter
dear .......
we would love to have you share in our special day along with other family & friends.
this is going to happen
on--date/time; at-- location;
with a reception/cocktail party etc; to follow at ---------
as you are aware - we like to do things a little differently so we are having a black & white theme for the occassion.
we would like to invite you to show your creativity in using these colours for your outfits also.- whether they be casual or formal
looking forward to having you join us on the day

X & Y :-)

RSVP :- 0/0/00
personally as mother of the bride I would wear red- BUT then that is a colour i feel comfortable in- for my daughters wedding I wore bright yellow as it was fresh & cheerful & they had a beach ceremony.
there are MANY different shades of red- the colour for the MOB should be one that she feels good wearing- but preferrably a strong colour

black can be gothic looking ; but it can also be elegent;casual-- the look mainly depends on the styles of the outfits & the accessories & make-up.
how come its okay for black comedians to joke and make fun of white people all they want but when a white comedian does it.. its racism?? and they make a huge deal of it.
Congratulations. You’ve discovered the basic fallacy of black pride. In unrecognized corporate envy, prompted by liberals who actually keep the blacks down with government ‘assistance’ (which equals dependency), some blacks are trying on the unconscious, arrogant attitude of whites in the slave days. It didn’t work for whites. It doesn’t work for blacks, either.

As far as why it is horrible to be proud to be white, it is horrible for the same reason that it is horrible to be proud to be black. We didn’t choose it, earn it or achieve it. It was given to us. What people should say is that there is no reason to be ashamed to be white. Or black. But that’s not good enough for some people.

It’s like being proud of being forgiven. It’s good to be forgiven, it’s necessary for us to be forgiven. But, in order to be forgiven, one must first confess that one has done wrong and is undeserving of forgiveness— or it isn’t forgiveness, any more, it’s just giving someone what he deserves.

If something is true, it has to be equally… equally!!! true for whites AND blacks… or it isn’t really true.

5 JAN 07, 1415 hrs, GMT.
Black white?
who liked the show black white? the show about people putting on white makeup if u were black n viceversa? who wants a 2nd season? is there a second season?
It was a good series. I don't know that another one is going to go over well. Seems like a show that can only be done once.
Where do actors come from and how do i obtain them and how do i make them and is it avialable in black and white creatures isle if so please leave a message or im me
The "Actors" in the pc game "Blank And White" are spawned at random spots. Most often near a village. If you find one, your creature can carry him to another village. If conditions are right he will stay. If your village is healthy it's only a matter of time before one wanders by.
I believe they are in the expansion as well. There is no spell or item that will force a spawn.
I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the newer "Black And White 2" edition.
I know the formal terms are Caucasian and African American, but is anyone actually offended by the words black and white? I'm just curious, because my friend and I were talking about it. She'd rather be called black because it sounds more casual, and I'd rather be called white, but neither of us would be offended by any of the listed terms.

What do you guys think about this? Black or African American? White or Caucasian?
well im niether balck/white but asian and i normally refer to african-americans as balcks and caucasians as white. i dont think the terms as offenisve. i only use caucasian and african-american when refering to sensitive whites/blacks or speaking scientifically.
african american is a bit confusing at times thought because many african in america have been here so long they can't trace back their ansectory to any specific ethnic african group
also nto all desnded from salves.caucasin is confusin too because many caucasians cant sepfically trace theri anmscetory to a erupean country.
however i dont go around calling them ni*****, honkies, albinos,africcon,buffie, aligator bait etc etc or any othe rracial words. thats offesnive
How come white women treat black men better than black women do?
From my experience black women are alot of drama and loud and confrontational whereas white women act respectful and dont try to wear the pants in the relationship. Black women think they're too "strong and independent" to cater to their man whereas white women dont have that chip on their shoulders. Im not saying this goes for ALL white women just the ones Ive dated. It seems black women take us for granted. This is why a lot of black men go for non black women, and no non-black men go for black women.
Another white washed brother hey u live white women:: but let me tell u this u will never be a white dude live ya self
How do you bleach black and white mittens without bleaching the black?
I have this pair of black and white striped mittens and a scarf to match. Well, last winter the mittens got dropped into a muddy puddle [long story] and I threw them into the washing machine but now the mittens are greyish-white and black, and they don't match the scarf anymore. So long story short, how do you bleach black and white mittens without bleaching the black?
just mix some bleach with some boiling water, and wet a sponge and dab the water into the white stripes, obviously not gettin the black too!!
How to make black and white a little more exciting?
For work I am only allowed to wear: black trousers, black shoes, and an all black or all white shirt.

How can I make this a little more exciting? The only black and white shirts that I can find that would be acceptable to wear to work are just plain, fitted t-shirts.

We also are not allowed to wear colored nail polish, bright accessories, etc... It's hard for a 19 year old to wear all black to work and feel cute!
I agree, it would be hard to express individual style in such a pale world. I would buy some lighter or pale accessories. I would buy some white buttton up shirts and throw in some pale red and maybe blue ties ( ithink it is really cute when girls wear ties) you could also try to wear a scarf, idk if the would let you so that or not.
You can also express your style through your hair and makeup. Wear your worknclothes more "fitted" than regular clothes.

People who beg for best answer are pathetic.
How do I tell a white wire from a black wire, when both are black?
I've got a lamp, and the switch broke. I'm trying to install a new switch. I understand the installation process, but I have to keep things straight between the black (hot) wires and white wires. However, on the lightbulb end, I have two black wires, one of which has white letters. On the power source end, I have only yellow/translucent wires, and one has black letters. Does anybody know for sure which is which?

Do the black letters on a yellow wire mean it's black? Do white letters on a black wire mean it's white? Or do letters, in general, indicate one color or the other?
It is scary an electrician (fdk479) would say the lamp terminals are interchangeable. And to the others that think that, it is wrong!! It is very important that you get the wires right, or you will have a screw shell of the lamp HOT. The neutral needs to connect to the screw shell and the hot needs to be switched. If you have any doubt after doing the wiring, test with a meter to make sure they are correct.

Now, there are many other ways that the "identified" (neutral) conductor is identified. Being white is the most well known. Another answer mentioned the ridges (common on "zip cord", you can feel the ridge on one side and not the other, the ridge side is the neutral). Other methods to identify the neutral: white strips on other than green insulation, grooves, tracers, and tinned (if one copper conductor is tinned and the other isn't, the tinned one is the neutral).

For your specific case, the yellow/translucent wires sound like zip cord, and the neutral had a ridge on it. Do not go by the writing. If you test with the plug (which is polarized) the neutral is connected to the wider blade. The other, white letters is not in the code as a method. I would think there is some difference you aren't noticing. You can check with a tester--the neutral is connected to the screw shell, the hot is the center contact in the bottom of the lampholder.
How do black people think about white people fighting for their rights?
I have been wondering lately, after watching a Theroux documentary about black nationalists about how do black people feel about white people fighting for black rights. I can imagine some being offended as it really shows that white people have enough rights to fight for somebody else and other black people liking it because it might give them more chance in life.

This may sound weird, but I am directing this to question to black people as I would just like to hear your opinion on this. Thanks.
I am a proud African American, member of the human family, and a daughter of Civil Rights and Black Power people.

1. I think that it is fine that other people want to help us out. I think that all people should help other people who aren't like them.

2. I think we should celebrate the people who helped us. Ebony magazine always had all the "martyrs" on the Civil Rights movement in a few special issues each year and many of them were White.

3. Now, as nice as outside help is, our people should always be self-directed and not depend on the help of others. The "dependent' mentality is a hold-over from slavery and many of our people still have it. And other people don't always want to help us. Those points are the major contention of Black nationalists, separtists, and militants in general and actually they are right. How can anyone respect you or your people if you won't defend your cause and rights? What do you do in times, like now, when Black people really need tremendous help (tutoring, values, relationship counseling - not money) and other people think we don't need any?

4. We Black people need to be careful to be helpful to others, as others were helpful to us. People in my parent's generation were quite helpful toward other groups of people and many young people feel affinity with other groups of people. But it pains me when I see other Black people be negative towards homosexuals, Latinos, Arabs, and other people with their struggles.

5. In keeping with point 4, we need to check our own habits and racism. My father was a militant and even he will tell you this.

The C word, N word, K words, D word, W word, etc. (if you don't know what any of those are, then good) need to NEVER be in our vocabulary about other people.

We need to take care not to be hateful to others even if they have been to us. We need to honor our own people, who fought and/or died in the struggle and remember that these people wanted love and peace and humanity, not chaos and evil. We need to police our own behavior.

©, black or white