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Black Piss ant problem
O k im having a ant problem, i recently found out they are called piss ants, they are littler black ones then today i saw a swarm of them, i do not know where they came from where the hole is, e.t.c what can i do to get rid of these pests? :(
I no longer have to do this, but I wanted to share for those who have the problem. I have conquered the ant problem this year!! Keeping ants out of your pet’s dishes and small animals cages

As you will see there are so many uses for what I am going to tell you. You can keep ants from getting to the fruit you have put in your birds cage, and keep ants from getting into the soft wet litter areas in small animal cages like hamsters or guinea pigs. There is no end to what it can do. You see, its simple, I use petroleum jelly (Vaseline). I know you have seen the scout ants hunting around your house. They hunt for damp cool areas and for food. Ants cannot cross over a line of petroleum jelly. They would get stuck, one toe in and the see the cant cross, they don’t even try. So they won’t be able to get to your pets food or water so therefore won’t be able to bring back the rest of the troops to invade your home!! A thin line around a trash can, or bird cage legs and base of your pets food or water dish, (apply to sides of dish about 1 inch from the floor). I use a thin line applied with a q-tip around my guinea pigs cage, she used to get ants in her cage they wanted her fruit all the time… I just tried my tried and true way of keeping ants out of my cat’s dishes and it WORKED GREAT!! I am so happy with this method for the past several years… I used to put my cats food dish in a pie tin of water, which worked great because ants can cross water… a good idea and can be used in a pinch, but I found the food kept falling in the water and making a murky mess and attracted even more ants if I did not change the water in the pie tin few times a day.

REMEMBER ONE IMPORTANT THING! Keep cages, bowls, etc. from touching the walls by at least one inch so the ants can’t bypass the petroleum jelly and enter the bowl or cage from the wall where it is touching as to avoid the carefully placed petroleum jelly. I even use the petroleum jelly around my trashcans in doors and out. Keeps ants from there as well!
Which black girl did Kristen McNamera piss off on American Idol?
I caught a glimpse of today's American Idol and it showed this black girl in tears losing to Kristen, and when Kristen "comforted" her, the black girl threw Kristen's arm away, and later cursed at Kristen. Anyone know the story behind this?
haha i know kristen
and she did nothing really
she took a break from singing and the other girl got all mad at the whole group,
Is Jack Black annoying as piss or is it just me?
When he plays a character...Nacho...he is bearable but when hes just a dude in a situation he makes me wanna yak....thoughts anyone?
He's cool, but his movies suck.
Ok I am piss because LASER only eliminates black hair how do I get rid of the lighter hair?
I want to get laser in almost all my body but almost all the hair i want to get rid of is blond but they tell me laser can't get rid of that so what do I do? is there any other options? thanks!
Why would you want to eliminate your blond hair?
It's not like people will see anyways if you have pale skin.
Tiny little black piss ants !!?
My back yard is infested with tiny little black ants...I notice that my window sill looked kind of funny and when I touched it it was soft like my finger could go through what i would like to know is could this have been done my ants?? I live in augusta ga....I have someone coming out to look and its either ants are termites...I suppose it would be better if it were ants, I don't know,I've been looking on the PC trying to find some answers.
During part of the life cycle of the termite they have wings, so if you ever see ants with wings they are probably termites. Carpenter ants will damage wood.
Why does it piss White people of when Obama is called Black are you guys jealous ?
Obama goes to a church that hates your race
He marrys a strong black woman who hates white people and once hated america
Obama does not resemble his white mother
Obama calls himself black
Black people have pride for having one of are own running America
I don't know why it upsets some people that Obama is called black and identifies as black. It's up to him how he chooses to identify himself and he chose to identify as black and just because he identifies as black doesn't mean he rejecting his white mother and white family.

And where in the world did you get that his wife hates white people and hated America?
Dont black girls piss you off?
black girls piss me off so bad.. i just wanna tell them to shut the **** up and espeically the black girls who think there pretty when there sooo NOT
not ALL black girls act the same.
just like not ALL white girls act the same.

some girls are annoying, some aren't.
race really has nothing to do with it. /:
Black stain left over from piss?
a week ago i went to piss,didnt flush came back a hour or 2 later and black was like stained on the bowel and i could piss the black off like it was crust that bulit up. happens almost once a week when i go,also was drinking alot one night missed the toilet alot got it on the towel woke up 5 hours later and the towel had black stain on it?
disease or what?
Well genital fluids, when exposed to air sometimes turn a very dark colour.

Though I've never heard it about pee before. Sorry.

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