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Celebrity Feet!?
While in a doctor's office, I was flipping through a celebrity magazine and there were pics and an article about celebrity feet. My gosh, have you seen some of these digits??? Not sure if it's from the pointed toed heels or what, but some of the most beautiful actresses have the most hideous hammer toes (?) or disfigured feet. It's like their big toes push inward toward the other toes and cause the foot to look like it has a huge bone on the inner side. I'm not an expert on feet, but is the constant wearing of heels worth this?
It has to have something to do with the shoes but mostly its just what they were born with. I've seen some of the pictures of celebrities feet too. Yes there are a lot that look pretty bad. I don't have a foot fetish but i do look at ladies feet when they have sandals on and some in my area aren't to nice looking either, but my wife has nice looking feet and I Love rubbing them and her great looking legs.
Does Miley Cyrus have cute teen celebrity feet?
Any of you guys (or girls) think that Miley Cyrus bare feet are cute?
wtf..??is miley virus...ugh...
What celebrity actress do you think has the prettiest feet?
what celebrity actress do you think has the prettiest feet?
why would any one want to look at celebrities feet, to determine which was has the prettiest??

Where can I find good celebrity foot fetish site?
I would like to find a good celebrity feet site online. Anyone know of a good website to direct me?
Hi. You can try going to a great site called www.celebrityfeetonline.com if you are looking for cute, sexy and pretty female celebrity feet!
What female celebrity is most sexy in bare feet?
Or, what female celebrity do you want to see in bare feet more often?
Monica Bellucci
Which female celebrity got the most fawked up looking feet in your opinion?
I've seen angelina jolie feet in person and she was wearing sandals. Her feet were so gross I almost threw my hotdog up on her but she was cool. She just laughed.
Marie Antoinette
Cutest celebrity feet?
I wanna know which female celebrity has the cutest feet and legs? thanks for your answers
- steve
Hayden Panettiere, definitely!! you can check out a whole bunch of her feet pics at www.celebrityfeetonline.com.
Where to see those cute celebrities' bare feet and toes?
I really love to see those cute celebrities and their bare feet and toes. Any good websites for checking out the older as well as the latest celebrity feet and legs pics?
Hey. go to this really great site where they have great celebrity feet and legs pics. The site is called www.celebrityfeetonline.com. They have free updates everyday. You will find about any sexy celebrity that you like.
Does anyone know of some good celebrity foot fetish sites?
I'm looking for good, high quality close-ups of female celebrity feet.
This is a hit that a search provided. I did not go there, nor will I vouch for how safe it may be:


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