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Why do hot Latina women brighten up atmosphere sometimes?
I am an asian guy & notice hot Latina girl even makes the place cheerful.
their culture is so vibrant
and it passes on to them

or maybe they are just loud

What if an Asian guy/Hot Latina Girl kissed in public?
I was just curious. What if a Very cute Asian Guy kissed a very hot Latina Girl in Public? Could that bring in Jealousy of the Spanish Boys? Just today, I saw a Spanish guy that just acted so mad in front of the Asian guy after he kissed an extremely gorgeous Latina girl?
I guess it would just be up to them.
I need to choose between a hot blond girl or her hot latina sister?
i don't know if i will get both.the blond one is such a great kisser, but the latina one makes me crazy because she is so hot and she make things like saying f**k me, i want to become a woman!!!!!!!what can i do?? the blond one is my ex but she wants me again, and with her i go so far...
please answer me.
that is kind of insensitive. which would you prefer to do things with, like go out with for lunch, or walk in the park, or something. or go see a basketball game, or just talk? for god's sake, they are people, not acquisitions!! treat them like it. you know what, never mind. forget it. quite obviously they don't want you for your charming personality(that's sarcasm, btw) so once they get what they want from you, they'll toss you and exchange you for someone else. so have fun. while it lasts.
Hot latina....?
Girl i hear ya we tend mas bonitas...and nothing much hear just having some fun.....
Hey Mami whats up me just kicking it so whats going on with you chica hows the Latina life going?
What would an Asian man say if he sees a real hot Latina or a hot White woman?
I am trying to write a romantic screenplay. I want to use authentic expressions of love Asian gentlemen have for Hispanic and Caucasian ladies. Lots of things I have to take into consideration to make my script interesting to the audiences of guys and girls.
If she was really hot he probably wouldn't say anything. He would stop breathing and just stare at his object of desire. His body would convulse and distort into an almost unnatural state and he would be left speechless.
Why are White boys the only race of men that never appear interested in Hot Latina women?
Here in NYC, every other race(including our own Hispanic men, Black men, whatever else goes right up to us, tells us this, stares at us) except white boys, they never even appear interested... Why is this?? Are they the "gayest" race of men? Most of the White boys in NY are Irish, Italian, Greek, German, Eastern European descent... but ive been told White boys are like this everywhere(not just NY)...
If you are referring to mestiza girls/women, you are mistaking. They are all over us where I live, California.
Who are some hot Latina or Hispanic actresses, singers, or celebrities?
Compiling a list for a school project. Oh yeah!
Christina Aguilera…


Jennifer Lopez…

Salma Hayek…

Penelope Cruz…

Paz Vega…

Michelle Rodriguez…

Rosario Dawson…

Jessica Alba…

Eva Mendes…

Eva La Rue…

Eva Longoria…

Stacy Ferguson (Fergie)…

Cameron Diaz…

Nelly Furtado…

Aimee Garcia…

if you're looking for someone younger...

Vanessa Anne Hudgens…

Demi Lovato…

Selena Gomez…

Allison Iraheta…
How come latina women are so freaking hot?
Most guys, and even women, agree that latina women are the hottest women on the planet, and I am certainly no exception. So I guess what I'm asking is what do you think makes them so hot? Is there like something in the water there? :P
Might be the climate, but they are absolutely hot yeah :)
What does it mean when a hot Latina girl, age 21 does that dance...?
In your face and as your face approaches her body which smells of coconut all of a sudden you feel an interesting situation in your pants and need to make an adjustment?

Does this mean she wants to study anatomy of the bloody temporal bone or does it mean something even more fun?
That your hair transplant worked out favorably? hahah

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