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Does the US Navy actively recruit openly gay and lesbian youth?
I guy thee not!! I have seen Navy Recruiters approach openly Gay and Lesbian youths (17-22 years old) and talk to them about enlisting.
I think that you are full of it.

Just because there is the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, no military branch will actively seek openly gay and lesbian recruits. And considering that the Navy is not falling short on recruiting goals, there is no need to recruit people who would likely be quickly kicked out.
How does it work for a lesbian in the army?
Yeah. I think I'm gonna talk to a recruiter.

I'm only fifteen and I'm not near ready to join haha. But honestly, how hard is it for a lesbian to be in the army? Should I tell my recruiter I'm lesbian or should I just not tell anyone? Can I never call a girl while on the base or something? My JROTC teacher, who served in Vietnam, tells me that being gay in the army isn't as taboo as they make it sound...
Why would you want to tell anyone that your a Lesbian?
A stoner lesbian joining the coast guard?
Help. im realizing that without outside guidence, my life isnt really going anywhere. Im looking into the coast guard and have a good amount of info on it. What im really wondering is this
A) is what i ask a recruiter held in confidence?
(i smoke tons of weed and am a huge lesbian, when i talk to a recruiter i want to be able to tell him where im coming from,should i not tell him about my marijuana adventures? part of the reason i want to join is because under normal curcumstances, i cant quit pot on myown)
You should not disclose your sexual preference, it is nobody's business but your own. All your pot smoking is in the past, unless you're planning to return to it at sometime in the future, don't discuss it anybody.

Regarding your sexual preference, you free to exercise your life style anywhere you like, but never in the view of the Coast Guard! It will be a real career stopper!!!
If we end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will recruiters and military personnel be allowed to "ask"?
Will Gay, Lesbian, and Bi's who enlist in the military, not intending to garner notoriety for their sexuality, be subjected to the questions: "Are you gay" or "Have you ever had a sexual attraction to an individual of the same sex?" or will we just utilize a "Don't Ask" Policy?
the problem is most of us in the military do not want politicians to be playing experiments with us in the military...

and gays are not acceptable to us here...

example, in my world the US Navy Submarine force, you barely have room to sleep, take a shower in , etc... and we do NOT want people that we have to worry (on top of ALL the dangers I have to worry) about a freaking guy looking at my butt with their sexual psycho crap they do...

so no, keep your homos at home and let us serve in peace! jeeess....... you people don't even volunterer for the military, we DO!
Recruiters? What does this mean?!?
VegasHottie I couldn't HELP but notice you've been using this world like everywhere and I'm pretty sure that i do not understand the concept? what are recruiters?

ALSO...(and these are not as friendly)

I am young and naive so plz forgive me, but...

What does the term 'bareback" mean?
---->PLEASE spare me the raunch,by answereing as cleanly as possible (i'm young and impressionable have mercy)

And lastly, do you agree that television needs more gay MALE couples? (Ex: The N, a teen network has two lesbian couples and 1 guy couple; most other places have more bi/lesbian girl drama)

Those who promote an anti-gay agenda like to use the word "recruit" when talking about gay people. They falsely claim that we "'recruit' guyren into the gay lifestyle." What they are saying is that we actively seek out heterosexual guyren and mysteriously "turn" them into gay people. Abra-cadabra....Poof!!!! You're gay!

Their main reason for doing this is to deflect attention from their own recruiting. You see, many large anti-gay, pro-bigotry groups support other groups that claim to change gay people into heterosexuals. They have conferences, seminars, church meetings, advertisements, etc. which are all intended to recruit self-loathing gay people into these groups. Now, some "ex-gay" groups are even suing to be allowed to access schools where they can present their disinformation to guyren in order to recruit them into these "ex-gay" groups.

To reply to your other question, yes, I think TV needs more gay couples...loving gay couples, not just funny ones.
My recruiter added me on facebook & I'm a lesbian..?
so i'm looking to join the army, my recruiter's a nice guy.
He recently requested me on facebook & has been upfront about everything.
even though i'm not "flaming" if you read my fb posts you can tell i have a girlfriend.
is that bad? =x i don't want my orientation to eliminate my chances in the military

It is improper for him to be social networking with you on Facebook.

You go and delete him. It can come back to haunt you.

Everything you post on FACEBOOK is copied by someone. And, people, "investigators" for security clearances, etc. make permanent copies of everything when they learn who to see and follow.

Everything you post now is open for him to read and copy. He has no business being that personal with you.

You can tell him I said so. In fact you could even contact his own superior in the recruiting command and tell them that you were asked for your FACEBOOK friending by him and you didn't know better.

Delete him now. And, because of your orientation that you have admitted to here for the world to see, I advise you to stop making open admissions on your facebook with your friends.

You can easily become a target for blackmail by others and it would jeopardize you getting a security clearance if one is needed for your work in the Army. Your admission and openness puts you at risk to be compromised. You may not be authorized a security clearance. But, that is not my call to make. I am just giving you information to think carefully about.

Best wishes,

Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant
Ex claims they can red flag me to an Army recruiter?
My ex claims they told every recruiter in the state that I was a homosexual, and that I am now "red-flagged." I know the rules of DADT inside and out, and I understand that I can serve as a homosexual, just not openly. After a nasty break-up recently, she threatened and claimed to have told her ex-husband recruiter and many other recruiters that she had proof of me being a lesbian. Her proof is text messages, which can easily be tampered with. Does she have a valid case? Is there any way I can enlist and get around this problem? The Army has been my career of choice since I was a small guy, and I understand fully how to serve without being open. Did she ruin my chances of enlisting until they reverse DADT?
there is no database of who's gay or not. And I doubt any recruiter is going to listen or care what she has to say...
I just talked to my son about everything
My 17 years old son has been going through lot of changes that really bothers me.
Here’s more details: answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtRJ25moeMAhuVJR1w7.fUnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080730173527AAngqcg

I tried to talk to him about a couple things last night. I tried to find out about the scars first because it really bothers me, especially the one that seems to be from bite because one of girl he hang out with a lot have fangs. He tried to claim it was mountain biking accident but I didn’t buy it. He then tried to claim it was art. But I had my doubt since scars was so random and doesn’t seems to be done with purpose of making some sort of image.
This morning I tried to talk to him about other things. He admitted that he prefer to be around those people he met in college because they’re much more laid back, not so clique or judgment, more intelligent and are more fun to be around. He says they may seem odd to me but he find them to be very beautiful. As for two girls, he say they’re his good friend who he met in his psychology class and he enjoy being around them. I find this very odd because one of the girls is probably lesbian and other girl look somewhat like a tattooed vampire who my son says is a model for blue blood. My son doesn’t fit in with them but yet they hang out together very often.
When I tried talk about his choice of not going to college so he can go into the army. It upset me a lot. He says he wants a life full of excitement and doesn’t want to be stuck with a dead end job and that title and moneys mean nothing to him. He says he’s hoping to get into infantry or para trooper so he can work his way toward Delta Force. I asked him what if he didn’t make it or when he retires, he says soldiers are always needed around the world and he can always find a job and there’s also always French foreign legion. He says he has no intended to retire unless he can find a job that allows him to travel the world and does something fun, but in the end he prefer to die before he get to the point where he cannot get up and go out of his house or travel. I tried to explain him this is why people go to college. His reply was those people work for years to get to where they are and still hate their life and he’ll not be one of them. He’s planning on talking with the recruiter sometime before school start again. I don’t understand why he would throw whole college away just to go into the military. He have a GPA of 3.6 and is very highly ranked in ROTC, have started attend community college last year, and other things. Also today isn’t a great time to go into the military and he’s fool enough to want to go into the military so badly.
Finally we approach the scar issue. He didn’t want to talk about it, but he finally got mad and says it was from a massage and that he likes the feel of being scratched, cutted, and bitten. Then he left the house.
I don’t understand how this could have happened to my son. He’s a very smart and athletic guy who always does so well at whatever he tries his hands at. I really doubt any of this was influence by anybody since he thinks for himself. He has a great bright future ahead of him but he seems to have a lot of things that need to be sorted out before it is too late. Is there any thing that can fix this problem?
I don't really see much of a problem except an annoying parent who prods him all the time with "feel good" conversation.

He is under your roof, you can tell him what he MUST do or you will not support him. As of right now, you can deny him access to these people you don't like. As of right now, you can keep him from doing anything you don't like because you ARE HIS PARENT NOT HIS BEST FRIEND. Drop all the nonsense conversational BS and tell him what he MUST do, not what you are worried about. He may get angry but he will respect you. Right now he does not, as shown by him walking out on you. He sounds like he needs a good a$$ kicking, not another conversation. As soon as he says something about the French Foreign Legion again, don't take that smart mouth, slap him in the mouth instead. When he turns 18 he can do what he wants and there is nothing you can do about it. NOw, you can do something, so start doing it and stop with the Oprah conversations, because they don't work.
Why All The KKK Questions Tonight?
Is this recruiting Night on the YA Boards? Do you ever notice how when these types of questions get asked, they always come in bunches? Do Klan recruiters get some kind of commission for new recruits?

Funny Note.... This was the suggested category:

Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered
HATE knows no time schedule :(
LGBT: What do you do for a living?
Straight people are often so sure that they know who is gay or lesbian and where to find them. So what kind of job do you have, or have had, or in what industry? If you're still in school, what grade or year?

I'll go first: worked on an assembly line, was a CSM, was an engineering recruiter, and worked in the financial industry in IS, among other hats.
Worked for my dad as a diesel mechanic, now I own a small engine repair business.

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