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What is the chance of contracting hiv from protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex?
Last week, I had protected anal sex with another man. I also had unprotected oral sex. I am really worried about Hiv. Should i be concerned?
Obviously if the man in question is HIV negative, the chance of him giving you HIV is zero.

Both the activities you list are relatively low risk for transmission. There have been a couple rare cases of people acquiring HIV through only oral sex. In general unprotected oral sex is pretty safe as far as HIV goes. Current thinking is you'd almost have to have an open cut or sore in your mouth, since the mouth and stomach are extremely hostile places for invading viruses.

Protected anal sex is much safer than unprotected anal sex. If the man giving was HIV positive, there is still some risk, mostly with condom slippage or breakage. Assuming the condom remained intact, you shouldn't worry too much.

HIV testing is pretty cheap these days and less painful that giving blood. There's certainly no harm in you going in for testing just for peace of mind.
How do I go about having comfortable anal sex?
My boyfriend and I have talked about having anal sex and we both feel that it would be the next step in our sexual relationship. How do I go about making this experiment as comfortable as possible? What is the best way to progress to a level of penetration with a penis?
Well, I have exactly the same problem with you, and after I asked one of my best friend for help, he strongly recommended me to use some sex toys first as to loosen the anal. And I chose the Droplet and XS from XMYBOX. (XMYBOX can ship discreetly and directly to your door)

When you decide to have anal sex, you'd better do the cleaning work first( you know what I mean), and prepare some lube.

Take a look at this article, I think this would also be helpful:

Just go to XMYBOX and have a look, I'm sure you will be as satisfied as me. LOL.
How do I encourage my girlfriend to have anal sex with me?
I've been with this girl for a couple of months now and want to perform anal sex on her. What do you think is the best way to get her to try? SHould I talk about it first or "accidentally" stick it in?
I've heard men who always desire to have anal sex, often times have deep seeded homosexual feelings they are suppressing.
What percentage of heterosexuals practice anal sex?
Judging by personal ads on many non-gay message boards there are many straight guys who seek anal sex with women. How common is this?
i think it has become a lot less taboo than it was in the past. i found this stat.

"For males, the proportion who have had anal sex with a female increases from 4.6 percent at age 15 to 34 percent at ages 22–24; for females, the proportion who have had anal sex with a male increases from 2.4 percent at age 15 to 32 percent at age 22–24."

here's some more info.

What are the chances of getting a uti from anal sex without a condom?
I know that getting a urinary tract infection is a risk from unprotected anal sex, but is there any data on how likely this is? Thanks.
1. Use condom
2. It is highly likely to contract a UTI from anal sex, number 1 cause of UTI is E-coli (from feces/stool)
It can be introduced into the urethra during sex (wether its anal or vaginal)........which can result in a urinary tract infection
What is the best anesthetic for anal sex?
My girl wants to start having anal sex but she wants an anesthetic while we try. A strong one. So I want to know if there is any strong, safe, anesthetic you might recommend. She is well aware that she will feel the pain later.
An anesthetic for anal sex? First time I've heard of that!

Just use LOTS of lube, and she must be relaxed, otherwise of course it's going to hurt!
What is the trick to having anal sex?
I would like to be on the recieving end of anal sex. I've tried it before and it was very difficult to get started. The couple of times I've been successful have been wonderful, but sometimes it is hard too relax enough for it not to be painful.
Is there a trick to relaxing? Is there a trick to getting started?
Nearly always, the feeling of being "too tight" is really not enough lube. Your sphincters are designed to dilate automatically with pressure, so unless you're scared or really nervous, which you shouldn't be since you know you've enjoyed it in the past, I would guess that the real problem is just that the area hasn't been lubed up enough.

Make sure you use a good-quality silicone-based lubricant like Eros or ID Millennium. (Water-based dries up very quickly in the absence of moisture, it's a much better vaginal lubricant than anal.)

If you've got a good lubricant, and you're using plenty of it, then it's really just a matter of patience. First, your partner should start with lubricated fingers, first one, then two or three. Once you're feeling three pretty well, then move on to the next step. Put the head against your anus and wait, while applying a small amount of pressure. Give it a minute or two, varying the angle and pressure a little bit. If it's not working, change your position - try on your back, on your front, on hands and knees, on your side, etc. Everyone's internal anatomy is a little different. Once you hit the "sweet spot", you should pretty much open up without too much trouble. One trick is to push out a bit, as if you're going to the bathroom - don't strain, obviously, just push out with your butt for a second. That's the feeling of your external sphincter relaxing.

After your external sphincter you have an internal sphincter about two or three inches in which you need to wait for as well. That is not under voluntary control in any way - you just have to wait. Once it's relaxed you can pretty much go to town.

If you feel pain at any point, particularly any sharp or piercing pains, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Anal sex is not like in porno, where they spend thirty minutes setting up for the ten minutes of video action. It takes a fairly long time and a gentle partner, particularly if you're relatively inexperienced. Once you are accustomed to it, it's generally a lot easier. Also, it's a good idea for your partner to wear a condom, and if he does not, to wash off immediately afterwards. Similarly, you should never go between the anus and the vagina, unless you think yeast infections are really sexy. And on that note, it's a nice courtesy to your partner to go to the bathroom and then clean yourself with a soapy finger beforehand. (Enemas are better in terms of how much they get but they are gross and take forever and you still have to shower afterwards anyway. Unless your partner is huge it's not a big deal.)

To Jayden's objection: The clitoral nerves snake around the rectum for many women, which is why some women can actually have genuine anal orgasms.

Also, you should never use desensitizers in anal sex like Damon suggested. First of all, it doesn't seem like there's a whole lot of point if you remove the sensation, second, pain is a very important signal in anal sex which tells you you're doing something wrong. Desensitizers will take away the signal but won't stop you from doing something wrong, which in anal sex is fairly dangerous.
I plan on having anal sex soon. What method should I use of making sure my anus is completely clean?
I plan on having anal sex soon, I know gross right, but no judgments please. I'm afraid that my anus won't be clean enough and don't won't to be embarrassed in front of my boyfriend. I read about using an ear syringe filled with water but can I use vinegar and water? Kind of like a douche I guess. Or can I use like water and lemon juice? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
There are larger versions of things that look like an ear syringe that are sold at "adult bookstores" or online (search "rectal syringe" or "anal douche"). They work well or you can also use a regular non-medicated (just water) enema. However, don't start doing enemas all the time, you can become dependent on them and not be able to have a BM without them. You don't need any additives, plain warm water will do just fine. P.S. You actually mean that your rectum is clean. Your anus is the opening, the rectum is the area past the opening. Also, use a condom and go slowly, with water-soluble lube. Have fun!
What is the best way to prevent a condom from breaking during anal sex?
It always seems to break on me, even with good Trojan condoms and lube.

And please, I'd like some REAL answers, and not just your opinion on how "gross" anal sex is.
darling its up to you what you are into it sounds like the receiving person is very tense take things slowly and use more lubrication do not use 2 condoms it is recipe for disaster ! xx
What is the best way to clean myself for anal sex?
I like having anal sex. But I/m really selfconcious about smells, accidents excetera. I just want to know how can I get a really deep clean so I don't have to be thinking about this every time I do it. I can't even enjoy it cause accidents are all I can think about.
You should clean there( of cause you know where LOL) first, use some cleaning tolls( can be purchased online). Lube and condom is needed while you & your partner is enjoying, and some sex toys would make things much better!

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